Facilities and Services

We have fantastic facilities and resources to support you in your studies. This includes our library, laboratories, up-to-date IT resources, including our extensive wireless network.


The library is at the centre of academic life and provides a range of services to support & enhance student learning at the campus. A team of subject specialist librarians and other trained staff provide a wide range of services to support your information needs and help you make the most of the resources available.


The indoor-outdoor cafeteria bring out social exchange and youthful energy. It is also a place where students exchange interesting ideas and strategies on every day activity. It serves as a place for diverse interests, from brainstorming for competitions to relishing a hot cup of coffee.African food too is on the menu.


The auditorium is well equipped with modern acoustics and state of the art facilities to conduct seminars, corporate events, student activities and general announcements for the students.


The counselling centre was started in the year 2010 keeping in mind the problems faced by the students in the tough competitive world. The centre tries to solve issues related to learning problems habits, family related issues, anger management, problems related to identity and self-esteem, domestic violence and cultural/ethnic diversity. The counsellor suggests ways to cope or overcome the problems with relevant counselling and guidance.Confidentiality is maintained for the service and information. It is a motivated effort on our part and the services are not chargeable.


The objective of grievance cell at RS Collegeis to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the students in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institution. The cell addresses the concerns of students which could be with respect to academics and other issues in order to ensure effective solutions to student grievances.


RS Collegeintroduced a women's cell with the vision of organizing programmes on women literacy, women empowerment, and women rights etc. in order to empower women. Students especially at the degree level are motivated to take an active part in the activities of the cell. The cell endeavours to alleviate the negatives in terms to all women's issues. The women's cell also handles issues related to women's welfare.


The institution provides separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls. Boy's hostel is managed by a male warden and girl's hostel is managed by a female warden. To ensure safety, both the hostels are provided with 24 hours security. Extra emphasis is on discipline. Homely atmosphere and nutritious food is provided in the hostel.RS Collegehostels are "A home away from home"Close proximity to the collegeNote: boys and girls need to apply for hostel facilities separately once admitted to the RS college programme. The hostel seats are limited.

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